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After decades in the business of making music, word has spread about our commitment to the recording experience. From established artists like Grace Potter to world-renowned record labels like Putumayo and Cumbancha and respected institutions like Vermont Public Television, folks have come from far and wide to work with us. We've been privileged to have rising stars like Gregory Douglass, Anais Mitchell and countless others find their stride in our company.

samples of our client's work

Beartracks - "Long Journey Home"

Beartracks are a bluegrass family from Plattsburgh, NY. A sister, brother, and a cousin. Totally "Live" in the studio!

Beartracks Official Website


Grace Potter - "Moonbeams"

Arguably Vermont's most popular export since Phish, Grace got her start with a record we are proud to have been a part of creating.

Grace Potter Official Website


The Dan Skea Quartet - "Indigo Bunting"

Dan worked in Vegas for years, and for part of the time with Wayne Newton's band. Great piano player and composer. My jazz offering for the site. The tune is called Indigo Bunting. Features John Rivers on bass, Chris Peterman on sax, and Geza Carr on drums.

The Dan Skea Quartet on CDBaby



Sensible Shoes and Friends - "Bound To be With You"

This is a song recorded by clients Tim Utt and Barbara Blaisdell known as "Sensible Shoes". Eric Bibb, the blues singer/guitarist is singing on this song entitled "Bound to be with you" which the three of them composed. Eric was just awarded "best 2010 blues album" by Downbeat magazine. Sensible Shoes music has been featured in major motion pictures such as "Philadephia" and the "Manchurian Candidate".

Sensible Shoes on Facebook



Francois Kency - "Un Jour Nouveau"

This past summer Francois came from Belgium, where he now resides, to mix a twelve-track album inspired by the rich cultural heritage of his native Africa and the Ivory Coast. He is a brilliant singer, songwriter, musician, arranger, and producer. Drawing from his deep love for the songs of hope and freedom that emerged from the slave trade in colonial times, François Kèncy echoes this powerful idea of freedom and respect for Mankind in times of conflict as well as in times of peace. Kèncy collaborated with talented artists around the world to bring this album to life, each time building on a common foundation of exchange, emotion, and love.

Francois Kency Official Site


a list of our clients

2much Media
Aaron Flinn
Aaron Wells
Abby's Agenda
Ad Astra Studios
Adrian Otterman
Advance Music
Airflyte Productions
Alan Foster Friedman
Alison McHugh
Alma and the Soul Daggers
Amber deLaurentis
Anais Mitchell
Andy Palacio
Anna Patton
Anneli Blume
Annemieke Spoelstra
Anthony Geraci
Aspen Leaf Recording
Atlantic Crossing
Audio Journal
Banjo Dan & the Midnite Plowboys
Bare Necessities
Beehive Productions
Bella Voce
Ben and Jerry’s
Bess O’Brien
Big Joe Burrell
Bill Cole
Bill Kinzie
Billy G. and the Blue Zone
Bill Reed
Bonita Secunda
Bo Thayer
Boxholder Records
Brian McCarthy
Brian Pellicano
Bruce Sklar Trio
Bryan McNamara
Buck and the Blackcats
Burlington Choral Society
> Carl Rubino
Carol Abair
Casey Dubie
Chad Hollister
Champlain Voices
Charlie Frazier
Chiara Hollender
Chip Wilson
Chris Dorman
Christine Adler
Chris Peterman
Chuck Eller
Clayfoot Strutters
Cliff McGann
Coba Stella
Colin McCaffrey
Corey Harris & Henry Butler
Cory Beard
Cosa Buena
Cow Island Music
Craftproducers Markets
Craftsbury Chamber Players
Cumbancha Records
Cynthia Braren
Dan Levine
Dan Lindner
Dan Silverman
Dan Skea
Dan Aaron
Dave Whittle
Davey Davis
David Budbill
Dawna Hammers
Dayve Huckett
DeAnna Moore
Deb Flanders
Denise Whittier
Derek Siegler
Diana Winn
Diane Ziegler
Dick Forman
Discover Jazz Festival
Don Sheldon
Douglas Bishop
Dr. Burma
Edie Moss
Eight 02
Efrain Guigui
Elaine Greenfield
Elisabeth von Trapp
Ellen Powell
Emily Nyman
Eric Bibb
Feast or Famine
Flat Top Trio
Flynn Theatre
Franchesca Blanchard
Francois Kency
Fred Haas
Gadfly Records
Gene Morrison
George Petit
Glory Reinstein
Gordon Stone
Grace Potter and the Nocturnals
Great Bear Trio
Gregory Douglass
Grippo Funk Band
Gua Gua
Habib Koite
Hansen & Son Pianos
Harwood Union High School
Hay Holler Records
Heather Bartlett
Helen Schneyer
Henry Butler

Hollywood Records
Hotels & Highways
Howard Wooden
Idan Raichel Project
Invisible Jet
Jake Stone
James Chapman
James Harvey
Jamie Lee Thurston
Jamie Masefield
Jason Cann
Jay Craven
Jazz Mandolin Project
Jay Ekis
Jeff Nicholson
Jeff Warner
Jenni Johnson
Jeremy Harple
Jennifer Hartswick
Jeremiah McLane
Jeremy Mendicino
Jessie Bridges
Jim Branca
Jocelyn Woods
Joe Capps
Joe Costa
Joe Lovano
John Cassel
John Roberts and Tony Barand
John Suchocki
Jon Gailmor
Josee Vachon
Joseph Sommerville
Josh White Jr.
Joshua Leeds
Julee Glaub and Mark Weems
Julee Glaub
Julie Silver
Juliet McVicker
Justin Levinson
Kailash Kher
Katie Trautz and the Tall Boys
Karen Kevra
Karen McFeeters
Karen Sutherland
Karen Taylor
Kate Barclay
Kelly Moore
Keith Murphy
Kento Masuda
Kerrville Folk Festival
Kimi Djabate
Kingdom County Productions
Kingston Trio
Kristina Stykos
La Famille Beaudoin
Lake Champlain Productions
Lane Gibson Jr.
Larry Read
Laslo Cameo
Lewis Franco
Lila Mae and Jeff Hahn
Lila Webb
Linda Warnaar
Lisa Piccirillo
Little Castle Studio
Little Windows
Lizzy Mandell
Lowell Thompson
Low Tech Studios
Lucas Adler
Luisa Maita
Lynn Sandage
Madeliene McHugh
Mae Robertson
Malletts Bay Records
Margie Bekoff
Maria deBarros
Mark Galbo
Mark LeGrand
Mark Weems
Marianne Perchlik
Martha Gallagher
Mary Ellen Melnick
Mary Lea
Mary McGinnis
Maryn Askew
Melinda Kinzie
Michael Chorney
Michael Jerling
Michele Choiniere
Michele Fay
Middlebury College
Mike Burris
Mike Hamel
Mike Smiarowski
Minds Eye Productions
Mixed Company
Modern Grass Quintet
Monte Pappas
Movable Feats
Myra Flynn
Naisha Ahsian
Nate Gusakov
National Public Radio
Neeki Bey
Neon Campfire
Newark Balkan Chorus
Nikki Matheson
Nobby Reed Project
NY Stage Originals
Onion River Jazz Band
Patrick Fitzsimmons
Patti Casey
Patrick MacManaway
Patrick Thomas
Paul Asbell
Paul Webb
Peg Tassey
Peggy Eyres
Pete Sutherland
Peter Engisch
Phil Henry
Philo Records
Picture This
Popcorn Behavior
Possum Haw
Pretty and Nice
Pure Pressure
Putumayo World Music
Rachel Bissex
Razia Said
Raphael Groton
Ray Vega
Rebop Records
Reckless Ramblers
Resolution Inc.
Richard Hunter
Richard Ruane
Rick and the Ramblers
Rick Davies
Rick Davis Music Co
Ricksha Radio
Ricky Golden
Rob O
Robert Resnik
Robin Gottfried
Rory Block
Rounder Records
Roy Hurd
Russ Lawton
Saint Bernadette Institute of Art
Salad Days
Sam Guarnaccia
Scott McAllister
Shannon Marsyada Trio
Sensible Shoes
Sergent Garcia
Seth Yacovone Blues Band
Shyla Nelson
Sierra Leone's Refugee All Stars
Silverwolf Records
Simone Felty
Sklar-Grippo Sextet
Song Catcher Recording
Smugglers Notch Ski Area
Sounds of the Northway
Spencer Lewis
St. J. Jazz
Stan Ransom
Starline Rhythm Boys
Steve Blair
Steve Gillette and Cindy Mangsen
Steve Hartmann
Steven Kiernan
Stone Tree Records
Sugar Hill Records
Sullivan, Davis, Hanscom Band
Susan Hosmer
Susan Squier
Swingin’ Vermont Big Band
Sylvia Parker
Tammy Fletcher & The Disciples
Taryn Noelle
Taylor Carson
The Aerolites
The Bramble Jam
The Dirty Blondes
The Dust Bunnies
The Folksoul Band
The Gibson Bros.
The Grift
The Groove Mongers
The Highland Weavers
The Jalapeno Bros.
The Magnolias
The New Nile Orchestra
The Shannon Marsyada Trio
The Silent Boys
The So-Called Jazz Sextet
The Stafford Duo
The Unknown Blues Band featuring Big Joe Burrell
The Vermont Symphony Orchestra
The Vermont Teddy Bear Company
The Vermont Youth Orchestra
Tim Berry
Tim Cummings
Tim Jennings and Leanne Ponder
Tina Tourin
Tom Cleary
Tom MacKenzie
Tony Markelis
Tony Q
Tracy Wolters
Tracy Tomasi
Trey Anastasio
Trinity Baptist Church
Trio Gusto
True Tone Studios
UVM Choral Union
Vermont Contemporary Music Ensemble
Vermont ETV
Vermont Folklife Center
Vermont Jazz Ensemble
Vermont Symphony
Video Pigeon
Vorcza Trio
Waldo and Woodhead
Wayne Warner
West Street Digital
William Maisel
Will Patton
WIZN Radio
Wooden Dinosaur
Woods Tea Company
Xander Naylor Trio
You Can Be a Wesley
Zac Clark
Zac LaVigne