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Located right outside Burlington in the beautiful Green Mountains of Charlotte, Vermont, Lane Gibson Recording and Mastering, formerly knows as Charles Eller Studios, has a long and venerable history surrounding the creation and capture of music and sound. Expertly designed and built by Charles Eller in the early 90's, it is a comfortable and welcoming space, large enough for technical separation to ensure accuracy, yet intimate enough to allow easy communication and convenient access from room to room.

From architectural to electronic design, the studio was built to facilitate your project’s smooth workflow. Nestled in the Green Mountains of Vermont, all of the amenities you expect from a high-end studio are within arm’s reach. Top of the line microphones and preamps are in plain sight and easily accessible for quick, efficient mic setups. Vintage outboard gear lives right alongside a modern ProTools recording system.

In the live room, you’ll find clear sight lines and separation of sound to ensure the kind of comfort that facilitates great recordings. The control room is extremely frequency-accurate, which is critically important to making mixes sound great no matter what the playback system. In addition to having soffit mounted Tannoy System 15 monitors, we also faithfully cross reference every mix on a pair of Klein and Hummel near-field monitors, a Bose wave radio, a variety of high quality headphones including Sennheiser 580’s and 600’s, and, of course, an old Panasonic boombox… the ultimate test!

We also have some very lovely instruments, from a Yamaha C-7, 7’6”grand piano, to exotic and rare keyboards like a mini-Moog and an early 60’s Hammond B3 organ as well as vintage guitar amps available for use.

Even with our architectural and technical excellence, the ultimate key to our success is how unencumbered the artist experience is. This is the human side of the equation, and we use our thousands of successful sessions as a reference library. There isn’t much that we haven’t seen or experienced, and we apply this vast experience to gently guide you when appropriate, translate technical options and their meaning, and above all, make your recordings the very best they can be.

From encouraging performances to choosing the the ultimate microphone-preamp-dynamics chain—the goal is to put a rare, clarified glow around each vocal, each instrument to successfully express your vision. Tell us what you’re looking for and we will handle all the technical details to help get you there.

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Idan Raichel and Vieux Farka Touré's New Release

The Idan Raichel Project burst onto Israel's music scene in 2002, changing the face of Israeli popular music and offering a message of love and tolerance that resonated strongly in a region of the world where headlines are too often dominated by conflict. With an enchanting blend of African, Latin American, Caribbean and Middle Eastern sounds coupled with sophisticated production techniques and a spectacular live show, the Idan Raichel Project has become one of the most unexpected success stories in Israeli music history. Idan's latest release "The Tel Aviv Session" with Vieux Farka Touré is the record Idan and I recently mixed here at the studio adjacent to the Cumbancha Music Headquarters.

item posted: Wednesday February 22, 2012 7:03 am