our engineers


Lane Gibson

During the years Lane Gibson was touring and playing in the western United States, and into his early years in Vermont, he supplemented that career by spending plenty of time in the recording studio. Whether it was laying down keyboard tracks or singing vocals, he noticed early on that he had an ear for helping musicians create clean balanced recordings. As early as 1980, Gibson was learning about and practicing studio recording. In 1993, Lane was working on some backup vocals for a studio session in Vermont, and he met Charles Eller, of Charles Eller Studios. The two hit it off, and Eller asked Gibson to come aboard as a sound engineer. The duo began a professional partnership that persists today, and in the words of Eller, they have, "been going strong ever since and make up an extremely strong team".

As Gibson gained experience and created a reputation for clean, artful sound engineering in Vermont, he started working with big name artists from across the country. Some of the more well known artists to work with Gibson are: Grace Potter and the Nocturnals, Rick Norcross and the All Star Ramblers, The Starline Rhythm Boys, Putumayo World Music, Cumbancha Records, Childsplay, and Elizabeth Von Trapp. In 2009, Gibson assumed control of the Carpenter Farm Studio in Charlotte, Vermont and officially founded Lane Gibson Recording and Mastering.


J Mendicino

Jeremy (or J to those who prefer the monosyllabic) has been playing and recording since he can remember. Born to two musical parents, he grew up in Burlington amidst various instruments and home recording equipment, and was occasionally carted, very willingly, along to sessions at local recording studios, all of which have now gone the way of the dinosaur. 

In 2004, Mendicino set up shop in a ranch house in Shelburne along with his band mates in the short-lived Video Pigeon. They recorded two albums there, while graciously allowing Jeremy to record other bands (including Pretty & Nice, Codetta, and a few others), until 2006 when Pretty & Nice stole him away for a life of travel and performance. In 2007, Pretty & Nice moved to a big yellow house in Brighton, MA where they started Esthudio, along with fellow engineer and nutball, Dan Gonzales. Many records later, J & Dan moved briefly to Jerry MacDonald's Odd Fellows Recording in E. Weymouth, MA before parting ways. 

Jeremy then made his way back up to VT to assist in family care, and to begin planning and building a new studio retreat in the Northeast Kingdom. However, after a few years of very slow going, the opportunity arose to join forces with long time friend, Lane Gibson at his Charlotte studio, which Jeremy had become acquainted with at the age of 17 during mix sessions for the first of two Gregory Douglass records that he produced and recorded. 

Jeremy now produces and records clients all along the east coast, and hopes to attract creativity from near and far. With a penchant for analog technology, tape recording, and early synthesis, he brings a meticulous ear as well as a love for deconstruction and sonic abstraction. 


Chuck Eller

Charles Eller Studios, as a business entity, has manifested itself in many forms over the years. From the original studio in an old Victorian house in the hill section of Burlington that he began in 1985, to the state of the art studio built onto the Carpenter Farm property in Charlotte, where Lane Gibson Recording & Mastering currently resides, to the partnership with Trey Anastasio in his infamous Barn studio in 2001, and now to his current studio in one of the most beautiful parts of the world; the Pacific Coast of Mexico. 

Chuck now lives between his estate in San Pancho, Mexico, and Vermont, recording clients from around the world at his Mexico studio, as well as here at Lane Gibson Recording, and remotely in various locations.